Two years of 460bhp with a healthy dose of abuse on both road and track, mixed with a lot of burnout action and even some high-speed drifting at Silverstone finally took its toll. Yes, as recounted in my last update I managed to pop the Cossie’s head gasket whilst getting a bit too carried away with anti-lag fuelled skids at Ford Fair. Some may say that two years was more than can be expected, but to be fair I want it to hold up to that and even more in the future, so its time for a little upgrade.

Step in the company that have become a byword for quality fastenings, none other than ARP. As I’m running a 205 block long studding isn’t an option, so one of ARP’s stud and nut conversion kits to replace the OE stretch bolts is what will be fitted. The UK norm may be to stay sub 400bhp on a 205 block, but I have recently heard of several cars from Greece and Scandinavia running 600+bhp on such engines with owners giving much of the credit to this very kit! So, it seems a no brainer for me to try this route out. Going in deep and chasing more power is tempting, but to be honest 460bhp has never once felt like not enough in the Saph, so just getting it back on form is number one priority.

The head suffered some minor cracking from my Ford Fair antics, but this has been neatly welded by MJ Racing, and the head will be sent off for a skim and pressure test next. Then I just need to find an appropriate head gasket up for the job!

As you’ll see from the photos, my cars also have a new home in the shape of a fantastic modern storage unit I’m now renting. So, no more littering the streets with my precious rides! Next to the Saph you’ll also see my three-door drift project which hasn’t been forgotten about, it’s just sat waiting patiently for its turn to get the V8 Jaguar treatment as soon as its Sierra sibling is sorted!

Time to crack on and get the Cossie back on the road then. Summer’s coming, and my project cars are starting to pile up!






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