Wenny’s Mk3 Escort

  • Paint prep

    Paint prep

    10th May 2018

    The Escort is in the paintshop ready for its colour change, but Wenny’s still been making upgrades…

  • Carbon Clad

    Carbon Clad

    7th March 2018

    The rebuild continues. This month Wenny’s started reassembly…



    27th January 2018

    The Escort’s back from paint, looking stunning in its new shade of Magnetic Grey…

  • Power Steering!

    Power Steering!

    30th October 2017

    The Escort did originally run a power-assisted steering setup a few years back, but when we added the big turbo in our search for really big bhp figures we were forced to remove it. The alternator was suffering from heat…

  • Flocking Marvellous!

    Flocking Marvellous!

    23rd June 2017

    The dash is away for flocking and a few modifications, in readiness for the imminent rebuild…



    22nd May 2017

    As metal work nears completion, Wenny takes advantage of the opportunity to make a few tweaks along the way…

  • On the floor!

    On the floor!

    10th May 2017

    Wenny and the crew tackle the Escort’s floor and ready things for the imminent reassembly of the mighty Mk3…



    11th March 2017

    Wenny continues the rust remedies with repairs to the driver’s footwell and the inner and outer sills…

  • Cut it Out!

    Cut it Out!

    5th January 2017

    The rebuild continues, and new we’re looking at cleaning the floor back to bare metal. Doing so, we came across a few of the usual tell-tale rust spots on the chassis legs that plague many a Sierra and Escort Cosworth.…

  • Full Frontal!

    Full Frontal!

    25th November 2016

    Wenny has turned his attention to sorting the Escort’s front end…



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