Last month I managed to get all the suspension and brakes fitted, and the car was rolling on its own wheels once again. I’m please to say that progress has continued at a similar pace. I’ve been stock-piling Cossie spares for years as a result of building/running other YB-powered projects, so I actually had enough parts already in the workshop to build another YB engine. Over recent weeks, the bare components were striped, cleaned, checked, and readied for a rebuild, while I also started sourcing some new goodies to complete the build too.

The bottom end features a long-studded 200 block and forged pistons for strength and reliability, while the head has been ported to improve flow and fitted with a set of custom-profile cams. The inlet is a Hart Power item, and the new BorgWarner EFR 76/70 turbo sits on top of a Nortech manifold and is controlled by a Turbosmart external wastegate. This set-up is tried and tested and will give a reliable 500bhp-plus, which is ideal for the track. I’m not too concerned with outright power figures on this build, as my main aim is to make sure it’s reliable for repeated use on track throughout the summer, and I’ve specced it accordingly.

I have tried one new trick with this build though; I’ve have the cam cover custom-machined to include my M Hudd Motorsport name. I had to have the cover machined to accept the coil-on-plug coils the Autronic SM4 ECU utilises, so I thought I might as well get some extra machining done to make it look different too.

With the engine fully built and waiting on the stand, I wasted no time in fitting it all in place. I’ve had YB engines in and out enough times over the years that it’s little more than an afternoon’s work these days! With the YB bolted in place, I then re-fitted the DPE big-tooth gearbox and Quaife ATBs at the front and rear too. Within a couple nights everything was in place and getting ready to fire for the first time.

Before I could do that, though, I had to sort an exhaust system. With all the tools available on-site I was able to fabricate my own custom exhaust system, which runs from a 3in downpipe straight through and exiting out the back. I did think about a possible side-exit, but as a track car it will need to meet strict noise regs and routing the exhaust this way means I have been able to fit a decent-size silencer to (hopefully) keep the noise men happy.

With the exhaust fabricated and the engine fully plumbed-in (oil, coolant, boost) I was able to fire the car up the first time! This is a huge milestone in any build and shows the finishing line is in sight. The car’s booked in with Mark Shead for mapping and there’s a few little bits to finish off, but it’s all coming together nicely…