This month started off quite sensibly. A superb set of Auto Dynamix replica front bumper supports were purchased to replace the shonky collection of screws and cable ties so many Saphs (min included!) have lurking behind the front end. Instantly the bumper sat properly, and it’s nice to know it’s fully secured with more than just hopes and dreams! Instead, it’s actually now attached courtesy of witchcraft… Yes, these brackets are actually made using the latest 3D printing tech. It’s amazing just how similar they are to the genuine (and now discontinued) items. Plus they seem super strong!

Next on the list is a strange upgrade. A replacement non-Cosworth steering rack! After some investigation it appears that the simplest way to increase the Cossie’s dismal steering lock is to fit pretty much any non RS rack! The only difference when it comes to performance is that the RS rack has lock limiters built in so the 7J alloys don’t rub the inner arches! Well my car is running 8J wheels and slighter lower offset, and there have been zero rubbing issues just more lock! Perfect for drifting and plain old manoeuvring. The ratio may seem worse on paper, but in the reality it’s identical. It only works out that there are more turns lock to lock simply because the rack can do more turning! A no brainer modification, and one I wish I’d done years ago.


With the rack and the MC Fabrication 6-degree beam fitted it was time to get booked in to local geometry gurus Automek in East Kilbride. Their state-of-the-art equipment is way beyond anything I’ve had attached to a car before, and it effortlessly read every possible measurement. Unlike so many lesser places there were no grumbles about the lowered ride height or not being able to read certain figures. Back on the road the difference was amazing. Not only did it track straight and true, but it even braked better too! There really is something to be said for getting all your wheels pointing in the right direction!

Now here’s where it gets silly. With word of an old school cruise themed evening at Driftland, a trip was on the cards. Mainly because they were having their first ever burnout challenge! Lined up at the start of the track I found myself in amongst mostly a queue of dedicated drift cars, but there were a few road cars too. Most notably a super tidy E34 M5. This was no tame burnout challenge either with cars tied down, RWD cars were allowed to roam free as long as there were no static tarmac digging exploits. Come my shot I took full advantage and went for the full Ozzy Summer Nats style flail about from one side of the main track area to the other. The steering was torturously bad (and more on this being cured next month!) but it was still superb fun. And I got so carried away that I let the tyres fully pop, and the resulting de-lams ripped the paint off the quarters and blew holes in the bumper! My justification was that a few bubbles were appearing on the arches and that a bit of paint was on the cards anyway. But I did only come up with this excuse afterwards to be honest! Drift tracks are dangerous. Dangerous for your wallet!


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