Yes, I’ve still got it. The mighty Mondeo is still going strong, and is still used for daily duties, carting me, the wife, and the dog all over the place! And after a hard winter of daily use I thought it was about time I showed the old faithful 220 some love and get it spruced up ready for the summer.


Many a keen eBayer out there may have seen this car listed a few weeks ago, and I was genuinely considering selling the car (with a view to buying a Focus ST to replace it), but as I was writing the advert I found myself thinking ‘this is actually a cracking car, why am I selling it?’ And then when it didn’t meet what I feel was a fairly sensible reserve, and after countless messages from people who seemingly want an as-new mint-condition car for no more than 50p, I decided I’ll keep it.

So with a newfound love for the ST I started making notes of all the stuff it needed to put it right. These were simple little things that I’d neglected over time, such as the chipped front windscreen that I had replaced with a new one (which also mean all the heating elements work now too!), and sorting out the stereo fascia surround that simply wasn’t fitted correctly.


Next up, I started talking to my mate Nathan Baker, who works for Dingmaster – a company specializing in smart repairs, about sorting out the worn leather patch on the driver’s seat bolster. He said he’d be able to repair that without any fuss, and without me even needing ton take the car anywhere. So he popped round and did the job on my driveway!

The back of Nathan’s van is kitted out with all sorts of goodies, including full 240v electrics and a massive compressor! It really is like a mobile paint shop in the back of a van!

With the bolster all cleaned up Nathan started to attack the leather with a DA sander – this scared me but he said it was just to get rid of all the loose bits and smooth the surface ready for the paint. He then matched the special leather paint exactly to the rest of the seat before gently blowing over the repaired patch. Instantly you can see the transformation, but by the time he’s finished you’d never know the seat had been repaired!


I’d call that a no-brainer; about 30mins work, no need to take the seats out or take the car anywhere, and much cheaper than the price for a second hand seat!

Now I’ve got my mojo back for the 220 I’m looking forward to getting stuck in with even more repairs and upgrades over the next few weeks. I’ve got a Triple-R front splitter on order, as I think these really beef-up the front end without being too over the top, and I’ve also ordered some Mk1 Focus RS bumper vents. I’ve been speaking with Nathan about getting the car in the paint shop to get the other areas addressed, and I fancy a change of wheel for the summer too. I’ve got a feeling it’s going to keep me busy over the next few weeks…






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