Last month I took delivery of the new Fifteen 52 Turbomacs that are destined for the little Fiesta. But as the ‘Macs only come finished in white or silver, and I wanted gloss black to match the red-and-black theme, I had to change the colour. I doid this using Foliatec’s rather clever spray-film, and now that everything has settled down I have the say the finish is surprisingly good – especially considering it was applied by a ham-fisted oaf in his dusty garage!

But the saga didn’t end there, and changing the wheels on a modern car isn’t as straightforward as it once was. We’ve got tyre pressure monitors to thank for that!


So with the tyres mounted on the rim and the spray film applied it was time for another trip to Tarnock Garage. This time I’d ordered four new tyre valves (special ones to accept the tyre monitors!) and we then began the laborious task of removing the original tyres from the stock wheels to gain access to the tyre pressure monitor, removing it, fitting it to the new Turbomacs, seating and balancing the new tyre, and finally getting the new wheel and Falken tyre combo fitted to the car! What’s more, is we needed to do this one at a time as the monitors are programmed to the car and need to go back on the same wheel they came from! What a palaver!

But I have to say the end result is fantastic! They really do look the part! And while changing the color to black may have added some extra stress to the equation, it was definitely worth the effort – white or silver just wouldn’t cut it on this car.


The extra width of the Turbomac really helps fill the Fiesta’s chunky arches, while the Falken tyres offer superb all-weather performance – and with typical British springtime weather I’ve had plenty of opportunity to test them out in all conditions!


While I was at Tarnock Garage having the wheels fitted I also took the opportunity to have them fit one of the new M-Sport Edition rear spoilers I’d bought too. Fitting is fairly simple and is a direct replacement for the standard ZS/ST item, but I’d still rather let their fully trained technicians fit it rather then me run the risk of scratching or damaging anything.


The M-Sport spoiler is the same item as found on their recently-released M-Sport Edition version of the Fiesta ST, and are now available separately for all ZS/ST owners. The spoiler itself is slightly deeper than the stock item and features a neat Gurney-flap style lip too, plus, being gloss black it really suits the Red’s Panther Black roof. Together with the gloss black Turbomacs it adds a healthy dollop of aggression to the Fiesta’s appearance, so next month I better look to increase the power to match it’s looks!


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 Tarnock Garage