Last month the big old Mondeo passed its MOT, but when at the test station I did notice that the headlights looked a bit pitted. Having seen the Meguiar’s Lens Correction Kit used in the past, I ordered one and thought I have a go and see if it would clean up the ST’s lamps. This is primarily designed to clear up milky lenses, and while the ST’s lights were actually quite clear in that respect, they were full of stone chips, scratches, and loads of little imperfections. The correction kit includes various grades of abrasive pad, which you simply use to rub down the plastic lens. Naturally you start with the coarse grade and work down to the finest grade before a final polish with the included Meguiar’s PlastX to restore a crystal clear appearance. While some of the heaviest marks from stone chips were never going to be buffed out using this kit, I have to report that the results are actually quite good, with many of the smaller scratches and general imperfections completely removed. Not bad for a tenner and an afternoon’s work!


This month I also took delivery of my new custom number plates from Four Dot. You may recall them appearing on the new products pages of last issue, and after talking with the guys I was tempted to order a set for the Mondeo. As these plate are true custom designs, it meant that I could incorporate the Fast Ford logo too. So I opted for a subtle carbon-fibre effect surround with the Fast Ford logo neatly positioned on the left hand side. This design is quite subdue compared to what is possible, but I quite like the understated look that only someone in the know will recognise. The plates come with everything you need to fit them, and a certificate of authentication too. Even the packaging they arrive in is first class!


But it’s not all been hunky dory this month. After clouting a pothole quite hard I heard an alarming bang. Upon further inspection I learned that the driver side front spring had snapped! Being a pigtail design, and sitting so closely to the brake line, this is not something I was prepared to risk driving around with, so the car was back up at Tarnock Garage having a new front spring fitted. I only opted to fit one side – against all the advice – because this whole saga got me thinking about suspension options, and I have since ordered a full set of coilovers from ST-Suspensions, so the new spring won’t be on the car for too long. Next month I hope to have them all fitted, adjusted, and have the ST sitting pretty…






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