What is about MOTs and their ability to creep up on you when you least expect it? And it’s always at a time when you’ve got a load of other stuff going on or needing to be paid for. And they seem to always coincide with a hefty road tax bill too! Well that’s exactly what happened to me this month!


Thankfully I was able to book the Mondeo in for its MOT just a few days before the old one expired, so at least I would be covered to legally drive the car – just as long as it passed that is!

I booked the test at my local Ford main dealers, Tarnock Garage. I know the guys there very well (Simon even has his Fiesta in the Fast Fleet alongside my Mondeo) and they have done most of the recent work on the car so they know it well.


So I handed over the keys, watched the car disappear into the testing area, and I held my breath. Why is it that no matter how well you know a car, you’re always nervous that the MOT tester will unearth some major hidden fault that’s just ready to cripple you financially? But I needn’t have worried, as when the tester re-emerged he was holding a clean piece of paper – the ST had passed! And with only a couple of small advisories – one of which was the rear indicator bulbs, which had started to fade. A simple job that was fixed on the same day for just a couple of quid!


While the MOT pass has made me very happy, the inspection did confirm that the timing chain cover gasket is indeed leaking as we previously suspected. A quick look on Ford’s technical systems shows that it is a six-hour job to replace, and there is even some argument for dropping the engine completely from the car in order to do it! Oh, and I think the alternator is on its last legs too as various dash lights have taken to flickering in and off very briefly at random intervals. Oh bugger…


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