There are loads of new products coming to the market for the Mk3 Focus RS, which is fantastic and frustrating in equal measure. Fantastic, as you can never have too much choice when it comes to making your fast Ford even faster, but frustrating, as I can’t afford to add all the goodies I want too!

However, there are some great products available that are simple to fit, make an instant difference, and won’t break the bank – things like the bonnet lifter kit from Steeda! So, while I was at Haynes Ford in Maidstone test driving the new Steeda Mondeo Sport (read the full feature next month) and Steeda Q350 Mustang that Haynes offer, I took full advantage of their main dealer technicians and asked them to install the bonnet strut kit too!

For £130 you get the complete kit, which includes two gas struts, powder-coated brackets, and all the fixings needed to remove the ugly OE bonnet prop on your Mk3 Focus (including ST and RS).

At the same time, I also decided to replace the plastic, yellow bonnet release latch with an anodized billet aluminum item, again from Steeda. This simply replaces the plastic OE item, and looks much nicer when installed.

The next job in the under-bonnet department will be to do something about the ugly OE plastics, so that I can really show off the engine bay at events throughout the summer. This is likely to involve a combination of painting and hydrodipping, but with so many different designs available these days, choosing one seems to take forever!

But while I ponder over that, there’s been one thing that’s been playing in my mind – and so it should with any fast Ford owner, but particularly Focus RS owners – and that’s security! Seemingly everyday Facebook wants to tell me that yet another fast Focus or Fiesta has been stolen, so this month I’ve gone some way to add some extra protection for mine! For just £110 you can get your hands on a Thatcham-approved Disklok, and I have to ask ‘why wouldn’t you?’ I must admit that I’ve never really been a lover of physical security devices like a Disklok (always saying that putting them on and taking them off is too much of a ball-ache) but I have to concede that there’s something very reassuring about having a big metal disc protecting my car. Yep, I know that if the thieving scum want it badly enough they will work out a way to take it, but simply adding a Disklok to the equation makes that process much more difficult! And, hopefully, it will put off any would-be thief from taking my pride and joy away from me! And that piece of mind alone is worth the £110 a Disklok costs!

The Disklok is great for when the car is parked up at home, but it’s not ideal having to use one when the car’s on display at shows and evenst throughout the summer, so I’m now looking into the options for fancy new immobilser systems too…




Haynes Ford