Last month I showed the Mondeo some much needed love. After a few months of neglect, being thrashed around all over the country, and used and abused every single day it was about high time I righted a few wrongs. So the chipped and cracked windscreen was replaced with a shiny new one, and the worn bolster on the drivers seat was given a spruce up thanks to a leather repair.


This month, it’s a case of more of the same. I’ve known about a split driveshaft gaiter for a few weeks so it was about time I got it sorted, along with a new ball joint cover too. So the Mondeo was back off to Tarnock Garage for these repairs, along with a full service too!

The split in the driveshaft gaiter was barely visible, but the mess it had created was clear to see! With the driveshaft removed from the car we were able to clean everything up and replace both the inner and outer gaiters – it’s actually cheaper to buy a kit with both gaiters than it is for just one! Typical!

With driveshaft back in place and the split ball joint cover replaced for a new one, the guys could crack on giving the ST220 a full service. To my surprise I discovered the car actually has a full service history stamped up to 105k (just before I bought it) which probably explains why it got such a clean bill of health from the guys at Tarnock after the replaced the oil and filters. Maybe I should keep on top of this one, as it seems to be a good ‘un!


While on the ramp at Tarnock Garage I took advantage of the opportunity to fit a Triple-R front splitter that I’ve had safely tucked away for almost a year! I always planned to fit it after I did the paintwork, but the opportunity to bolt in place was too much to resist. These really do toughen up the front end of the Mondeo, and I can see why so many ST owners swear by them! I love it!

One final thing I had to sort this month was replacing the two front tyres. I knew they would be getting close to the limit on the inner edges (the price you pay for running a lowered car on 20-inch rims I suppose!) but while getting the service we discovered that the canvass was actually starting to show through on one wheel! So, straight onto the interwebs then to find some new rubber!


I do plan on changing the wheels later in the year (as wells as sorting the paintwork) so I didn’t want to fork out for expensive tyres that would only be fitted for a few weeks, so I opted for a budget brand that cost around £70 per tyre. Normally I would advise against cheap tyres, but as a ‘get me out of trouble fix’ they are perfect, and I’ll look to reinstate some decent treads when I replace the wheels a bit later.


Next on my ‘sort the Mondeo’ list is to raise the front suspension a little. This will give me a bit more clearance for the recently fitted splitter and will also mean that I can get the alignment done without the need for specialist hub-mounted equipment. I’m also looking into the possibility of getting the V6 treated with Terraclean – it’s now on 120k miles so it will be interesting to see what difference it makes.


Triple R





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