I might not have been long back from the Nürburgring, but I had plenty more trips planned!

First up was Santa Pod’s Retro Show. The plan was to drive my low ‘n’ slow Chrysler Horizon in convoy with my Trabant-owning mate Stuart; but on the day of setting off its clutch slave failed, so the Cossie went instead! The Horizon’s 50bhp is a bit more in tune with the Trabant’s 26bhp two-stroke power, so the resulting Cossie vs. Trabant trip was a bit odd. A 460bhp thinly disguised race car trying to match the pace of a Communist wheelbarrow was often tiring for all the wrong reasons! Thankfully in the end we met up with friends Vicki and Craig near Pod and got to work snapping the show, (after the obligatory cars posed beneath the famous sign photo opportunity of course!). Partially in an attempt to distract myself from the awesome DeLorean on show, and partially because I need little excuse to get involved in some hooliganism I signed up for the strip near the end of the day. All went well in the burnout pen, but when it came to launching the Saph that was another story! Twice it badly bogged down on the heavily glued surface resulting in poor times. Then on my final run I went in fully committed, 4000rpm on the launch control only for a driveshaft to immediately snap! The welded diff allowed me to drive out, but the flailing stump of steel and the lurching around diverted us straight to the nearest Pizza Hut to eat whilst we waited for recovery!

Luckily enough we had the soundest patrolman attend. Big thanks to Tony, who was clearly a top petrolhead, and even went beyond the call of duty to check a steering issue on the Trabant too!


Back in Scotland, fellow Cossie nut Mikey Buchan came to help with a replacement shaft, and Ali at MJ Racing sorted both that and the splitter which got a whack in Amsterdam the month before.

Next on the agenda was being parked up in the ‘Top 50’ section at Edinburgh’s Scottish Car Show. Thankfully no potential for breakage there!

Next up was the big one, Ford Fair! Cossie boot crammed with a week’s worth of gear for me and Girlfriend Trace, and we were off. Easy enough trip down the M6, (especially with no Trabant to hold us up!), but the car was filthy on arrival. Buftying for the Fast Ford display was mostly done in a very resourceful manner, as no jet washes could be found. Next best thing was the tap at a Shell station near the hotel! The GTechniq goodies I had packed worked wonders though, especially on the wheels.

At Silverstone the best bit was by far being let out loose with the ‘Fastest Fords’ sessions on track. At first I enjoyed blasting around with some very quick cars, but then the temptation took over me, and some drifting had to be done! It had been a good few years since I did drift demos in my old competition 24v Saph at the same event, but it all came back no problem! I couldn’t go balls out with huge angle and smoke as we still had to still drive 300 miles home, but the Saph felt great being flicked into the complex sideways at the top of third. The crowd in the grandstand sure enjoyed it too, as several people came to ask about the car afterwards, and were also commenting online! I was just there to amuse myself, but happy that everyone found it entertaining! Maybe next year I should take some spare tyres…?



MJ Racing – www.facebook.com/MJracing.bhp

GTechniq – www.gtechniq.com

Ford Fair track pics – Chris Compitus




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