Nothing exciting to report this month I’m afraid. The Fiesta has been running faultlessly, and has continued to rack up the miles with ease. In fact, it’s now racked up so many mils that it was due for its first service interval – yep, between me and the wife we’ve clocked up over 12,500 miles in the Fiesta already!

So it was back to my favorite Ford dealers, and the place I bought the car from in the first place, to have a ‘Year One’ service. This is fairly straightforward maintenance, but it still makes sense to take the car to a main dealer, especially as it’s only 10 months old and is still under manufacturer warranty. Plus, Tarnock Garage’s prices aren’t that much more expensive than a service at any other reputable garage, and you get all the benefits of a genuine Ford service such as 12 month’s breakdown cover – they even gave the car a courtesy wash too.

Now that the car has been given a clean bill of heath I can start to action the se4cond phase of master plan, which involves unleashing a substantial increase in power! I’ve already ordered a sports cat from Cobra Sport to mate up to the cat-back already installed, and a nice new intercooler, pipework, and a free-flowing induction kit are all wining their way to Fast Ford HQ too. Merry Christmas to me…!