Summer’s here, shows are everywhere and the Sierra’s back in action. Well, not quite.

You see, although I dragged the three-door out of hibernation, there are just too many jobs on the list before it’s ready for the road. Or, indeed, to be seen in public.

First was a fresh MoT, which was left in the hands of my mate Mike. Fortunately, Mike’s fond of the old girl, and he was more than happy to give it a tickle here and there until it passed. After a tweak of the washers, a nudge of the headlamp alignment and a serious session with the emissions probe, my 30-year-old Ford was legal again.

But it’s still not entirely pleasant to drive. The coil-over springs are too hard, the steering lacks feel, and the standard-ish brakes don’t provide much confidence. My shopping list gets longer by the day.


But, before all that, there’s the more annoying issue of tinworm in both front wings. The nearside is original, albeit peppered with orangey microblisters. I reckon it will repair, given time with a wire brush and a soaking in perhaps the most appropriately-named product for any ageing Ford: Rustyco. A rust remover rather than converter, Rustyco says it can treat 100 per cent of the corrosion pore-deep.


In contrast, the offside wing looks rotten, with bubbles, pinholes and evidence of body filler under relatively recent paintwork. Its seam-sealer says it’s been replaced in the past, so the whole thing’s going to be ripped off and renewed. Pass me the angle-grinder!