I’m never a fan of taking cars off the road for the winter, and as much as I try, I usually never manage a full winter with the Cossie off the road! It’s genuinely just too much fun to stop using. Last year even resulted in me messing up a fresh set of split rims against a snowy (but still concrete!) kerb. Painful? Yes, and I’m planning on taking it off the road or winter this year to avoid such carnage again, but in the meantime let’s get some use in!

After a packed summer filled with events, and even an autumn involving all sorts shows and meets it becomes a bit disheartening when these dry up on the approach to winter. That’s generally when I start using the Cossie for pretty much anything! Long distance runs to London for reasons I can’t even remember. Plus it even replaced my trusty Volvo 850 and went on a few shoots for no good reason! Rammed with equipment I set off to shoot Ritchie’s mental Fiesta ST in this issue at Knockhill and also the likes of Gary Wait’s race Saph from last issue too. During this particular shoot another ex-feature car from the mag belonging to Michael Connolly also turned up. It would be rude not to grab a few pics of the epic trio in the dusk light!

As much fun as it is bombing around in a 460bhp Sierra, with use typically comes issues. Nothing huge just now thankfully, but the eternally annoying issue of the downpipe nuts coming loose reared its head again. Lockwire worked on the ‘trouser’ section of the 2WD manifold, but the ideal solution on the downpipe seems to be a set of Nord-Lock Washers. These have ridged cut into them which look like a spiral staircase, and on tightening they lock together and put up with all sorts of stress! Since fitting them many more miles that would have typically seen the bolts coming loose have been successfully completed, so it looks like a vote for these clever little locking washers here!

As I’ve been behind the wheel lots, an issue that has bugged me for way too long had to be remedied. I didn’t actually like the wheel! It may be controversial, but I’ve never liked the metal spoked RS option wheel this car has always had fitted. I’ve just always found the ergonomics of padded spokes nicer to live with, plus the standard 2WD Cosworth wheel is visually the perfect 80s style for the car in my eyes. Metal spokes are just a bit 70s for my liking in this car! Conveniently selling my unwanted wheel, and buying a standard one landed me a three figure profit too! Sometimes there are perks with ‘RS tax’ it seems!




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