Things have progressed nicely over the last couple of weeks. Since you last saw the car I’ve managed to fit the brakes and suspension on all four corners. When I bought the car it came as a rolling shell, so already had the suspension, hubs, and brakes in place. And these were all decent bits of kit too – that’s why I bought the car – the brakes are AP Racing all round (huge 6-pots with 378mm discs up front, and 4-pots with 300mm discs out back), and the coil-overs are serious track-spec Black Art Designs, and the rear beam is a 6deg item.

Prior to the colour change a couple of months ago, I simply removed all these bits and stored away for safe keeping. But now I’ve been able to re-fit everything in place.

The hubs have been given a quick clean up and coat of paint, as have the roll bars, rear beam, and crossmember, and everything has been bolted back in place. The brakes are all now fully plumbed in – using braided lines throughout, and carefully routed through the cabin – and I’ve even fitted the rear diff too.

But I didn’t stop there. I then jumped on the interior and finished off a few bits in there too. The fuel tank has now been fitted in place – after a quick spray in satin black to spruce it up a bit – and the seats are bolted in place too.

Then I was able to start wiring in the engine loom too. I’ll be running an Autronics ECU, similar to the systems I have on my other cars, so I made a start on getting the engine loom in place.

I’ve also made a start on the engine build for the YB that will be powering the car, and I hope to have that built, installed, and maybe even up and running for next month. No time to waste…!