After having the Fifteen52 Turbomacs sprayed Panther Black a few weeks ago, this month I decided to add a little something to keep them looking their best for as long as possible. The problem with painted wheels, especially black ones, is that any little mark, scuff, or scrape will be immediately obvious as the silver alloy will clearly show through. And you could say ‘just be more careful’ but in reality it’s not driving up against a kerb that I’m worried about – it’s potholes and broken roads that concerns me.



So, after seeing an advert for a new alloy wheel protector, Rim Savers, I got to thinking about ways to keep the freshly painted Turbomacs from getting damaged. For just £45 delivered, it’s a no-brainer really. They are easy to fit, look cool (especially if you choose a coloured option, but black is available for those who want a more subtle look), and will protect the wheels from damage.


As you can see I opted for a set in red, which I think really suits the Fiesta’s red-and-black theme and finishes the wheels off nicely!