After a frantic few weeks of hard graft, this month the Escort Cossie track car build is nearing competition. Last month I managed to get the new YB engine installed and up and running too, which meant this month I could take it to see my mapper, Mark Shead at MA Developments, to start the final mapping. Mark’s mapped all my other cars, and is the only guy I would trust when it comes to safely getting the best possible performance from a tuned YB.

The mapping session started off well, and the slightly different camshaft choice and how I dialled them in (top secret!) is clearly working well with the rest of the spec of this engine, as the YB produced some incredible torque figures throughout the session. Sadly though, the wastegate seized calling an end to that round of mapping earlier than I’d hoped. We still managed to get things mapped up to 2.2-bar of boost, and the car made an impressive 577bhp and 558lb.ft at that boost. I’m confident it will easily do over 600bhp once we go back with a new wastegate and increase the boost some more! It’s gonna be pretty quick on the track either way.

And now that the engine’s punching out so much grunt I thought it would be a wise idea to get the suspension geometry all set-up. Nobody wants to try and put that much down when the wheels are all pointing in different directions (plus it’ll try and jump out of the rollers), so I’ll admit I actually had the car fully set-up before I headed off to Mark’s for the mapping session. We’ve got the perfect base setup, and the car drives really well as it is, but because everything is adjustable I can fine-tune the settings after I’ve been on track to really find the perfect balance.

It’s all nearly there now, and I hope to have the car fully finished and ready to unveil at our RS Combe show on 30th June. See you there!