After having a few issues with the wastegate sticking while on the rollers last month, this month I’m pleased to say the Escort Cossie is back at full health. I ordered a new TiAL wastegate ­– I knew I should have stuck with the brand I’ve known and trusted for years! – and the car was booked in for another mapping session with Mark Shead at MA Developments.

Last time, on the rollers, we managed to get everything mapped up to 2.2bar of boost before we had issues with the wastegate. That was enough to see the YB produce a very respectable 577bhp and an impressive 558lb.ft of torque. With the new TiAL wastegate in place we could have easily increased the boost some more, and I’m confident the car has the potential to make well over 600bhp if we chose to do so, but after a chat with Mark we decided to fall on the side of caution and left the boost capped at 2.2bar and the peak figures at 577bhp and 558lb.ft. This ensures there’s a fair degree of safety within the settings, and the YB should prove to be very reliable at this power level – which is exactly what I want from a track car. In fact, we’ve actually turned it down for a ‘low boost’ setting too, which produces 510bhp and is ideal for repeated track use. I’d rather sacrifice a few bhp at the top end to ensure the car can run relentlessly on track all day long. Besides, it’s not as if 500bhp-plus is exactly shy, so should provide enough grunt for some serious fun. It’s going to be a lot faster than the FWD 320bhp Fiesta I currently use on track, that’s for sure!

I’d love to say the car will be on track at RS Combe, but as one of the organisers of the event I’m worried I’ll be too busy to find time to get out on circuit, so it’ll probably be sat on the Fast Ford stand for large parts of the day. However, Ford Fair will be a different story – expect to see me out with the ‘Fastest Fords’ sessions at 11am and 3pm, and we’ll be able to see what the car is really capable of alongside some of the crazy-power, ex-motorsport Blue Ovals that also take part in the sessions. See you there.