I love my Focus RS. It’s a fantastic car, and it’s guaranteed to always put a smile on my face every time I drive it! Unfortunately, that smile soon turns to anguish every time I park it and start worrying about some light-fingered scumbag trying to take what I’ve worked so hard for away from me.

It’s a sad fact, but car theft is something that owners of nice cars had to contend with, and unfortunately for us Ford fans, Blue Ovals seem to be among the most desirable and easiest to steal!

Modern technology means that a thief could smash your window, plug-in some new-fangled OBD gadgetry, and drive away in your car – and the scariest part is they can do all of this in a matter of seconds!

Well, not with mine they can’t! Not anymore! You see, I’ve just had the amazing Ghost immobilizer system from Autowatch fitted at RS Direct in Bristol. RS Direct may be better known for selling the Mk3 RS (and plenty of Mk2 Focus RSs and other fast Fords for that matter!) but they also offer various performance and security upgrades too. So I popped up to see them recently to have the Autowatch Ghost installed at their HQ.

The Autowatch system is very clever, and I’m not going to pretend I understand how it all works. All I do know is that the results are impressive, very impressive!

Unlike immobilisers of old that require a hideous-looking key fob or extra buttons and sensors to be screwed to the dashboard, Autowatch’s Ghost system makes use of the car’s input buttons on the CAN-BUS systems. This means that buttons on the steering wheel, dash, window switches, mirror switches or whatever you choose now become the immobiliser buttons, and the Ghost will only allow the car to start once the correct 4-20 button sequence has been entered. That means that even with the key in you hand, the car will not start unless you enter the right buttons the right order first. And don’t think any thief could just randomly hit all the buttons on the dash until they’ve entered the code, as the correct sequence has to be entered within a two-second window!

I’ve have it fitted for a few weeks now, and I have to say that it’s fantastic! At first it may sound like having to input the correct code may be a bit of a faff, but in reality by the time you’ve done it once or twice it becomes second nature. And it’s a small price to pay for the piece of mind that your car isn’t going to be stolen! When talking to Autowatch they say they’ve fitted over 19,000 systems to date, and you know how many of those cars with the Ghost system have been stolen? Zero! I’d say that’s proof enough!





RS Direct