Last month I introduced myself and my new Cossie-powered Focus track project to the mag, and this month things have been progressing along rather nicely. So quickly, in fact, that after lots of hard work alongside my fellow Ford-mad partner-in-crime, Mark Hudd, and after gallons of midnight oil has been burnt, we’ve actually nearly finished the whole project. But don’t worry, we’re not going to cram all that into one issue; we’ll still bring you all the juicy details of each step of the rebuild on a monthly basis, but we may be a little out of sync with the updates, that’s all. Some of you may even see the finished car before you get chance to read this update – never let it be said that I’m one to rest on my laurels when it comes to project cars!

But where were we in the tale of this feisty Focus rebuild..? Oh yeah, last month you may remember I had sent the car off to be painted. Well, now it’s back! And it’s pretty damn in-your-face too!

I always wanted a track car that would command attention, and while it’s got all the genuine M-Sport bits on the car, I’ve never really been a huge fan of the WRC livery on a track car. I wanted something that would better reflect my slightly lairy girl-racer image, and what better way to do that than paint the car bright pink?

Well, it’s Rubystone Red actually – from the Porsche colour charts – but let’s face it, everyone’s going to call it ‘that pink Focus’, so I might as well get the ball rolling. The finish is pretty wild, but by the time the car is built back up with graphite alloys and a smattering of carbon bits here and there, I think it will soon settle down.

While the car was in the paint shop Mark and I made a start on the Cossie YB engine build too. Using a 200 block Mark had been stashing away for a suitable project, the plan was always to build a YB capable of 550-600bhp. The block was sent away for all the required machine work ready to provide a stable base for the build, and next month you’ll be able to see more on how the engine build progressed…






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