If there’s one thing I’ve always disliked about the three-door Sierra Cosworth (and its unobtanium-plated counterpart the RS500) its the way the standard 7x15in alloys sit tucked inboard of the bodywork like shopping trolley wheels on a hovercraft. Those wide arches were so obviously designed to take monstrous 10-inch centre-locks and slicks; the Sierra’s RS rims just make me think of Max-Powered Corsas with Kingdom bodykits.

Of course, the 7.5×17-inch Compomotives on my car filled the spaces a bit better – and, ultimately, will be replaced by something bigger and deep-dished – but they’ve now received two massive improvements for not much money.


Crucially, I’ve added a pair of 20mm Momo spacers (just £20) to the rear end, which give a dramatically improved stance. And, is it just me, or are these bits incredibly attractive? Whereas spacers I’ve used in the past have looked like shards of alloy someone found in a skip, it actually seems a shame to hide these Momos behind the wheels.

Fitting was easy too. Momo supplied a set of longer studs, which meant removing the 29-year-old originals from the Sierra’s hubs. With an old steel-wheelnut spun onto each thread, I whacked them face-on with a lump hammer until they popped out from behind. Fitting the new studs meant a little WD40 and using the same steel-wheelnut and a deep-reach socket to wind them into place.


Yes, the tyres are now rubbing, so the arches will need trimming (I could raise the Gaz coilovers, but that would just spoil the looks), which is a job that needs doing properly; it’ll have to wait a few months.

While the rims were off the car I also popped on a pair of plain black EBC discs (I’ll buy some 4×4 calipers later) and finally got rid of the wheels’ nasty gold paintwork.


Rather than a full respray, I opted for Foliatec spray-film in a subtle shade of bronze. The kit comes with two cans of quick-drying film, cleaning wipes and a set of masking cards, which mean a colour change can easily be completed within an hour. The perfect job for a summer’s evening.

I’m told Foliatec film can be removed anytime I like, but I’m so chuffed with the colour, there’s not much chance of that.


Momo (Brown & Geeson)