Last time we tackled some of the issues with the driver’s footwell and the Escort’s sills, and this time it’s more of the same really. But the good news is the end of the rust repairs and metal working is finally in sight! A few more weeks of graft and I’m confident we’ll have a strong, solid shell from which we can start to reassemble the car – I can’t wait to get the engine, ‘box, and running gear back in place and get the thing looking like a car again!

But first, there were a few issues with the driver side floor which needed addressing. In particular the area around the rear seat fixing base was showing shows of sweating and scabbing, so the grinder was called into action once again. At first we thought we would need to cut the entire section out and replace it with new steel, but after cleaning away the rust we were pleased to find that the fixing base itself was still solid – so it was just cleaned up and treated to some anti-rust primer. At the same time we did decide to replace a small section of the floor with new steel, which was welded in place and then ground back to look like it’s never been touched.

The gearbox tunnel has also started showing signs of sweating and scabbing too, so that was also cleaned back and cut out. The thicker tunnel skin underneath had a little surface rust but nothing major to worry about, so a quick clean up and that too was as good as new.

To finish it all off some new pieces of outer tunnel skin were made up – this was quite a tricky job due to the many different contours involved, but K made a good job of them and they’re a perfect fit! Once welded in place they too were ground back again to look as factory-original as possible.

There’s still some work to do on the transmission tunnel, but all in due time. We are getting there with it, I promise…



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