This month was a good month. Why? Not only because we’ve been to some truly fantastic shows and events, not only because we’ve got some of the lairest and most exciting fast Fords we’ve ever seen in the mag, but also – from a purely selfish point of view! – this month was when my shiny new Focus RS was finally ready for me to collect!

Yep, I’m one of the lucky ones who has now taken delivery of this fantastic car! And I can say, hand on heart, don’t believe the hype about the latest generation RS. It’s not as good to drive as the magazines are saying. It’s not as much fun to drive as all the experts are making out. And it’s not the best hot hatch money can buy. It’s BETTER! Much better!


Seriously, I have never been so excited about driving a modern car as I am about the new RS. It really is that good to drive! It’s fast, it’s fun, it’s practical, and it does what all fast Fords should do – it makes you feel special when you’re driving it!

Many haters will knock it for having too many doors and not enough wings and bulges (although my favourite Cossie is the Sapphire, so you’re onto a loser there I’m afraid!) but as anyone who has driven the car will testify, the new Focus is the best RS yet! And, this may come as a surprise to some of the keyboard warriors out there, but I don’t much plan on sitting looking at the car in the garage crying over the fact it’s got rear doors. Instead I’ll be sat in the driving seat with a huge grin on face!


After several months of emptying every savings account, ISA, and piggy bank I (and the wife, but don’t tell her!) owns, I handed over a chunky deposit to Trust Ford in Edgware Road and patiently waited like the rest of the would-be RS owners. But then at the end of July the phone rang and the salesman told me the car has been built, was on boat heading to the UK, and I could pick it up in a few days time!

The three-and-half hour train and tube journey filled me with dread (I hate public transport!) but the thought of driving my very own Focus RS on the way home more than made up for it. When I arrived at the dealers the car was under a cover in the showroom. We sorted out the necessary paperwork (although I just said ‘yes’ to everything as I was eager to prize the keys out of the salesman’s hands!) and the ‘handover’ was complete. A few snaps of the covers coming off and the keys being presented will serve as a lifelong memory of this special occasion, but finally I had my RS!


The drive home was a mixture of excitement and terror. Exciting as I was driving a new RS! But terrifying as I was in an area of London I didn’t know, in the most expensive car I’ve ever owned surrounded by rush hour traffic. Yes, I don’t mind admitting it, I came over all ‘ooh, mind the wheels’, and ‘I can’t fit through there’. But once out of London and back on the M25 I was able to relax a little and start to enjoy the drive home! And what a drive!

But before I could do any of that I needed to sort my insurance, so let’s double back to before the car was ready to collect. At the end of June the insurance on my Mondeo expired, and the insurance on the Fiesta soon followed in early July. So, with that in mind I made a few phonecalls to see who could offer me the best deal on not one, but three modified cars – yes, the RS is standard at the moment but let’s be honest, it’s not going to stay that way for long is it? I was surprised to see that some of the specialists were unable to insure the new RS because of its high value (and probably because of the amount of Mk2s that were stolen!). The high street names were able to offer quotes and could combine all three cars into one policy, but they do whack limits to the amount of modifications, which both the Mondeo and Fiesta already exceed!

However, I did like the idea of having all the cars on one ‘multi-car’ policy, so I called Adrian Flux to see if there was anything they could offer. To be honest, I wasn’t aware of the multi-car offerings they have, but when I spoke to their advisors and received a quote for all three cars, with modifications, for not much more than some companies wanted for the RS alone, of course I bit their arm off! So now I have the Fiesta, the Mondeo, and the Focus all under one policy, with both me and my wife as named drivers, with slightly better cover than before for not much more than I was paying for the two cars previously! Considering I added a brand-new, £30k, highly sough-after car with the scope for future modifications to the list, I’d say that was a good deal!


And, having driven mountune’s M380-powered Focus RS recently (see here!) I think I’ll be making use of this very soon…!