I would love to report that all is well in the world of the Mondeo, but it’s not. Driving home from work one evening I felt the car judder, albeit very briefly. Trying not to let the paranoia that normally comes with owning a modified car to kick in too much (a K&N is the only engine mod at present after all) I put it to the back of mind and convinced myself it was nothing – it must have been me in the wrong gear or something.


But a few days later it struck again. This time with definite notable effects – like dropping down to five, or maybe even four, cylinders and the EML flashing at me to let me know there was a problem. It came back to six cylinders a few seconds later, but would continue to misfire and then come back all the way home.

My first thought was coilpack, but to confirm I borrowed a fault code reader from Dan, which, sure enough, came up with two faults: misfire cylinder one, and misfire cylinder three. This could be caused by a number of things, but the most likely culprits are coilpack, ignition leads, or spark plugs.img_0659

Now being a V6, three cylinders are easily accessible as they’re right at the front of the engine, but the other three are a real pig to get at and require a host of other parts to be removed before you can even see them. And guess which ones are cylinder one and three? Yep, the ones at the back!

In an ideal world I’d have changed the coilpack, leads, and plugs all in one go, but given the cost of the parts (plugs are £11 plus VAT each from Ford! And HT leads are £150!) and the added hassle of getting to the rear bank of cylinders, I decided to go with gut instinct and change the coilpack. Costing £120 it wasn’t too pricey, and was worth the gamble.

Or rather it would have been if it had worked! After swapping the coilpack over for the new one I was fully expecting the problem to be fix, and would look at changing the plugs and leads at a later date.



But after running the car for five minutes the misfire returned! And again the code reader highlighted cylinders one and three as being at fault. So, it looks like I need to change the plugs and leads sooner than expected.

To cheer myself up I then started looking at possible wheel options, which is surely going to be the next upgrade. I quite like the Cades Bern alloy, but it’s only suitable in 20in diameter. I’m not sure if I’m brave enough to ‘roll on dubs’, but if I get the misfire sorted soon enough I might treat myself.