It’s been a busy few weeks for the Escort Cosworth, but thankfully I can say that it’s just been busy getting used out on the track and not in the workshop being repaired or upgraded. Since my last update a couple of issues ago, the Cossie has been out on track at Ford Fair – where the car was proudly on display as part of the magazine stand at the show –  as well as out at a couple of track days and another show at my local track at Castle Combe. In fact, the latter was the first outing for my better half, Hannah, in her newly-built Cossie Focus (which you can read all about on page XX), which meant I actually got to enjoy some decent seat time without Hannah kicking me out so she can go and drive the Escort!

The gearbox issues that started to show themselves at the end of the last outing at Combe have long been put to bed with a rebuilt ‘box from Pete Doughty at DPE, and the dramas of broken diffs are distant memory after fitting the upgraded casing and ATBs too.

All if which has meant I’ve been able to enjoy lap after lap in the bright green machine, and I have to say I really do like this car. It goes like a stabbed rat, has bucket loads of torque which means it’s always pulling hard, and it handles really well too.

If there is one area I might look to improve over the winter, it’s the header tank. More specifically the header tank cap. Currently the tank uses a standard plastic screw-on type cap, which when the pressure builds up on track can actually start to let some of the coolant weep out. Obviously loosing fluids is never good, but in this instance it’s more of a nuisance having to clean it up all the time than anything to really worry about. Still, it bothers me, and I want to change it. So I’ll get Pete at Spec-R to make me up a new tank with a bayonet-type fixing that can handle a bit more pressure and not leak out when things get hot on track. But before then, I’ve got a few more track days to attend before the weather turns, and now I’ve got a pink Focus to try and keep behind me too!