The RS may only be a few weeks old, but the power upgrades have already started…!



Last month I took delivery of my lovely new Mk3 Focus RS. It’s awesome! It really is as good as everyone says it is. I, like so many RS owners, was of the opinion that the car is pretty much perfect straight out of the box. And it was. Until I got to try out the mountune M380 performance package that was…

After testing mountune’s M380 demo car for a feature in the last issue I knew I just had to have it fitted to my car too! The pops and bangs on offer from the revised calibration are just too addictive not to have! That, plus that fact it turns everything up a notch! If you think the standard car is good, just wait until you get behind the wheel of an M380-powered car!


The kit is quite a simple upgrade, comprising of simple bolt-on parts and one of mountune’s famous software calibrations. The hardware not only includes the high-flow induction kit with low-loss crossover pipe and uprated re-circ valve required to increase the power and torque outputs, but mountune also include one of their Sound Suppression Chambers (SSC) too. The SSC is a clever little gadget that the guys at mountune have spent ages developing to rid the RS of an annoying whistle that some cars develop. It’s more pronounced on tuned cars (with increased airflow through the turbo) but even some standard cars have been known to produce this irritating noise (sounds like blowing over the top of a milk bottle), so it’s a ‘must-have’ for any RS owner – thankfully it’s thrown in as part of the M380 package.



But what really sets the M380 kit apart from other mountune upgrades is the mTune handset. The calibration has been designed to produce more power and torque (380PS and 530Nm) and thanks to some clever adjustments to the exhaust cam timing it makes more pops and bangs than other calibrations. It even pops and bangs in ‘Normal’ mode! And, because they’re clever buggers, mountune have even managed to work their magic so the number and pattern of pops and bangs is totally random, unlike the standard calibration which can sound a bit too deliberate.

On top of that, they’ve also loaded the mTune handset with multiple software options; one designed for the standard exhaust system, one optimized for use with the mountune axle-back exhaust, and ‘track-use’ options for both of these that removes the pops and bangs so not to fail noise limits on track! It even includes an anti-theft mode too, so you can set the car in a mode that means it simply won’t start, even if the thieving scum do try a dodgy key-cloning trick!

So, after driving their demo car last month, this month saw me back at mountune HQ, this time in my own RS ready for them to install the M380 kit for me too! I love it! It really does make a huge difference, and the increase in torque is really noticeable! Well, that’s hardly surprising given that it’s jumped from 346lb/ft to a whopping 391lb/ft! I’m still getting to grips with the mTune handset, which can be used as a data logger, OBD monitor, and even record performance times such 0-60mph and quarter-mile times! I’m sure over the coming weeks I’ll master it though!



Before I headed back to Fast Ford HQ I popped up the A12 quickly to see Russell and the team at Joyce Design. They are the guys who do all of the custom graphics for mountune (and many, many others!) so when I wanted something subtle to show off the newfound power upgrades I went to see the JD team. We came up with the idea of a side splash very similar to that used on mountune’s demo cars, but with the Fast Ford logo on rear door. Underneath a simple ‘power by mountune’ slogan is enough to let passers-by know that all is not as it seems!

I may well be back at Joyce Design in the very near future, as we were also chatting about some much larger changes – but more on that later. Next up is to get rid of the horrible standard wheels, but that’s if I ever stop driving it long enough to make the change!




Joyce Design






First up, the standard paper air filter is removed.




Followed by the original crossover pipe.




The low-loss crossover duct can then be installed, along with the silicone hose coupling and high-flow induction hose.




The high-flow dual-entry filter that forms part of induction kit can then be installed in the original airbox.




Next up, the stock re-circulating valve is replaced with the uprated mountune version



Alongside that, the Sound Suppression Chamber is also installed onto the turbo compressor housing.




Finally, the M380 software is installed using the mTune handset. Job done




Job done! Now go an enjoy your RS!