This month I’ve finally got around to repairing a niggly little fault that’s been annoying me since the day I first bought the Mondeo – an oil leak. It didn’t pour out oil all over the place, or in fact appear to affect the oil level at all, but I knew it was dripping some from somewhere, as evident by the greasy underside of the car but more apparent, the smell of burning oil when the car was hot. Basically, after a good thrash and the leaky oil had been flung all over the underside of the engine, it would then proceed to drip onto the downpipe, creating the unmistakeable, and if you’re a car enthusiast, the embarrassing smell of burning oil.


I knew it was nothing major – which is probably why it’s taken me so long to get round to fixing it – and after investigating the underside of the V6 motor, and cleaning away years of muck, oil, and general grime I was able to make an educated guess that the source of my annoying leak was in fact the crankshaft seal. A quick search on eBay saw my Paypal account relieved of £15, and a couple of days later I had the replacement seal ready to go.

Fitting was fairly straightforward – just loosen off the auxiliary belt, undo the big nut that holds the crank pulley to the crankshaft, and then (using a two-leg puller, or three bolts into the threaded holes in the pulley itself) pull the crank pulley off. That reveals the crank seal. Simply tap out the old one, and gentle tap the new one home. Refit the crank pulley and aux belt (the 30 mins of head scratching working out the belt’s correct route is optional!) and the job is done. After some funny smells initially as all the cleaner and greasy hand prints burnt of, the car now has no annoying oily smells! Result!


To celebrate, I ordered some new goodies for the big ST. First up were something my predecessor (and fellow Mondeo fan) would clearly approve of, especially as he fitted some to both his previous Mk3 and his current Mk4 Estates – I am of course referring to wind deflectors!

Fair enough, they’re not the most exciting mod in the world, but they do actually look quite cool, are cheap, serve a purpose, and are easy to fit – so they do make sense.


To redeem myself I have also started gathering parts for a much more substantial upgrade – brakes. You may recall that last month friend of the mag and all round good guy, Eric from KMS, sent me a pair of Focus ST calipers, well this month I’ve been in touch with EBC and ordered a set of USR slotted discs and Yellow stuff pads for the Focus ST brake upgrade. And while I was at it I also got them to send it the same combo for the rears too! I can’t wait to get them all fitted up, as the standard brakes are simply shocking! More on that next time….


EBC Brakes