Throughout the summer show season I’d been threatening to take the RS out on track, but something work-related (or my paranoia that something would go wrong) always seemed ot get in the way. But at the send of the show season, at TRAX, I finally found some spare time away from the mag stands, and plucked up the courage (after securing some track insurance, of course!) to venture out onto the Silverstone circuit. I couldn’t complete both  20-minute sessions I’d booked on for, as we actually had cameras attached to the car filming a video with the guys a 3M on the new wrap. But, nevertheless, the time I did spend on track was amazing. And it’s something I definitely want to do more of in 2019.

But, the harder you push and the longer you run at the extremes, the more stress and strain you put on the car’s standard components. One of the biggest problems with running any car hard for lengthy periods is controlling the cooling, which is why I found myself once again flicking through Mishimoto’s website.

One of the upgrades that immediately caught my eye was their comprehensive oil cooler kit for the RS. This would ensure the lifeblood of the engine wouldn’t overheat on track, and because I opted for the thermostatic kit it would ensure the oil was kept at optimum working temperature at all times regardless of being driven on road or track.

As you can see over on page 86, I ordered a kit direct from the USA and had it all fitted at my local main dealers, Tarnock Garage. The kit is top-quality. It’s not the cheapest RS oil cooler on the market, but in my opinion it’s the best kit I’ve seen so far. In addition to the highly-efficient cooler core you get the stainless oil lines, quality aluminium fittings,  and a neat air diverter plate that actually helps improve airflow to the air filter too – in testing Mishimoto saw a decrease of 6degs in the intake air temperatures, which is a welcome added bonus.

The whole lot is now fitted, and the RS has been treated to six-and-a-bit litres of fresh oil, so it’s all ready to rock as soon as the nicer weather gets here. On that note, I’ve temporarily swapped the Velgen five-spokes with R888R tyres back over for the Revo RV019 multispokes with Falken FK510 tyres that are better suited to the wet weather than the track-based Toyos. When the weather dries iout and warms out I’ll switch them back over again ready for show season.

That was going to be for a few weeks, just leave the car safely tucked away over the Christmas and New Year period. But then I read a product release from mountune announcing the arrival of their new m400R and m400X software. The ‘X’ is designed to extract maximum performance from the stock turbo but does require forged internals, while the ‘R’ uses the same great m400 tune I’m already running but with added features such as full-throttle shifting, permanent launch control, and dyno mode. And the best news is that it’s currently being offered as a free upgrade for existing m400 owners. So, I might treat the RS to the new m400R software too. ‘Tis the season and all that…





Tarnock Garage