A few weeks ago, I was with the Simply Mustangs club where I covered the photography for their event at Santa Pod. This was the second time in a week at the drag strip, as the Mustang Owners Club of GB had their driving event here; also in tow were a selection of other American muscle cars including Dodge Chargers, Chevy Camaro’s and a few Hellcats as well. This seemed appropriate to have a mix as the day before was American Independence day – a nice way to celebrate with over 80 iconic cars lined up to take on the race strip.
I also got to experience the drag strip for myself, and I confess it’s a real adrenaline buzz that really made the day! I comepleted six runs in total. The first two were against some stripped-down ’70s Mach 1 Mustangs, the S550 shone through and gave me confidence taking on a 500 bhp Camaro, another victory! I think quick reaction times and the desire to topple over 110 miles an hour gave me the edge (my top speed on the day was 128mph!). The last three runs were against a more powerful Camaro, and I had to face a hat trick of defeats. I’ll definitely be back at some stage as racing off the light legally is right up there with a track day in terms of thrills and excitement!
I also met up with Shaun Parker, a Kiwi who has just restored a classic Mustang (which you might be able to see making an appearance in a special Mustang bookazine we’re putting together ready for early 2020!). Five years in the making, and this was its first outing – pairing my modern S550 with Shaun’s 1965 Fastback on the tarmac made for an iconic shot, one which will be gracing the office wall for sure!
This was my first outing as well with the Steeda carbon fibre deck lid fitted – a proper piece of carbon which is as light as a feather and just gives the rear of the car a subtle, stealthy appearance. I’ve got some plans ahead to improve the handling with some springs and bracing to come next, plus I’m just about to order some 20in rims from Velgen too… Lots of good things to come with the Mustang over the next few issues…