After fitting the Maxton Design splitters last month, this month I was able to show off the latest additions at the always-enjoyable RS Combe show. Organised by the joint efforts of the Bristol and Swindon RS Owners’ Clubs, RS Combe has long been one of my favourite shows of the year – the relaxed atmosphere is less stressful than some events, plus the track action always provides a few thrills and spills to keep things exciting. So, little surprise then that I wanted to be a part of this event for 2017!

After a few begging emails and cheeky phoncealls to serial FF feature car owner and one of the event organisers, Mark Hudd, I successfully blagged my way into the Swindon RSOC stand for the day. Parked alongside some of the fantastic Fords the club has in its ranks the RS had its work cut out not to let the side down – I even arrived early so I could give the car a quick wash and wipe-down before the show started! I know that’s ‘normal’ behavior for show cars, but anyone who knows me will understand that this actually shows an enormous effort on my part, as I hate cleaning cars!

Thankfully the satin wrap is a doddle to look after – simply spray on some soapy water and wipe clean with a dry microfiber! For the really stubborn stuff – especially the black sooty bits that Mk3 RSs love to cover their rear ends in when popping and banging on lift-off – some good quality glass cleaner makes light work of even the toughest marks!

With the RS looking the part it was then time for me to head off and cover the rest of the show (read the full report on page 26), but every time I walked past my car I just had to take a quick photo. And I wasn’t the only one either, every time I looked over at the Focus someone was grabbing a snap of it, or closely scrutinizing the upgrades – especially the wrap! The response from showgoers was overwhelming positive, people seem to love the colour change, the wheels, and of course the latest Maxton splitters which really do help beef up the looks.

I thoroughly enjoyed the show and I just hope my car didn’t let down the Swindon RSOC stand it gatecrashed too much. It will be back out on the show scene again very soon, only this time on more familiar territory of the Fast Ford stand at Ford Fair. And with any luck it will be sporting more upgrades by then too; I ‘ve already got some uprated H&R anti-roll bars that I got from Euro Car Parts, and am waiting for a delivery of Tarox uprated discs and pads. With all these handling and braking upgrades anyone would think I’m getting ready to take the RS on track soon…


Euro Car Parts

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RS Combe