Unfortunately the time has come to part ways with the awesome little Fiesta. It’s been a truly fantastic little car to smoke around in for the past 18 months or so, but with a newborn baby to focus my attention on it was time for to pass it on and let somebody else enjoy this feisty little Fez.

It’s a real shame to let it go, but with my wife now off work on maternity leave (it was her daily driver) and both the Mondeo and RS still in the fold, I simply couldn’t justify having three cars on the drive – especially if it’s not going to get used much. Plus, when we went to load the pushchair in the boot we realised it didn’t fit!

I can honestly say that this Fiesta has been one of the best cars I’ve ever owned. It’s certainly been among the most fun to drive! With best part of 180bhp and a handful of torque from low revs, coupled to the nice short gearing in the 1.0-litre Fiestas, it’s one of those cars you can drive like a hooligan everywhere! I mean, even with 180bhp, the engine isn’t producing anywhere near enough power to worry the Fiesta’s fantastic chassis, so you nail it with your foot planted to the throttle pretty much anywhere. And it’s incredibly rewarding to drive too, as, unlike the RS or ‘big power’ cars, you can actually enjoy full throttle for what feels like eternity, rather than the odd blip before having to lift off again.

So, I let it be known that the Fiesta might be up for grabs and it wasn’t long before Tom Fairgrieve at Elite Automotive Scotland jumped on a plane down to the West Country, did the deal, and drove the car back to Fife – getting over 51mpg on the way back I might add! So if you fancy owning a genuine ex-Fast Ford project car check out their website.

For me, it’s onto the next project, which is likely to involve Isofix, roof boxes, and ‘dad modding’ the Mondeo…