When I first took delivery of the awesome Fifteen52 Turbomacs they were silver – it’s they colour they come in (or white) so was never going to fit with the Fiesta’s red-and-black theme as well as the original Panther Black rims. But you can’t run standard rims – that’s what everyone else does! So, clearly, I needed to do something about it.

I found the solution with Foliatec’s spray film; a clever solution that sprays on like paint but can be easily peeled off like vinyl when you’d had enough of it. And, as applying doesn’t require any surface prep like keying up the paintwork and potentially ruining the original finish of the wheels, it was perfect to give the wheels a few coats of gloss black to see of like the new shade before committing to actually having the permanently painted.


Well, fast forward a few months, and yes I do like the Turbomacs in black, so it was time to commit to a permanent colour change. With the wheels off the car and in the garage I could get to work peeling off the Foliatec spray film; and here is where I have one vital to for anyone using the spray film – If you think you might ever want to remove it in the future, ensure you mask the inner edges of the wheel when applying. The outer face, where I was able to lay on heavy coats for a nioce finish, was simple to remove – it peeled off easily in nice big chunks. Even the fiddly bits around the outer edge of the wheel came off without fuss.


However, where the spray film on the inner edges of the wheel was much thinner (I just gave them a quick dust over to hide the silver), it was much more difficult to remove and in places I had to resort to thinners to completely rid the wheel of the film.


With that done though, it was over to see my mate, and fellow fast Ford owner, Nathan Baker. I was given the laborious task of rubbing down and scuffing the surface to provide a good key for the paint, while Nathan fired up the spray gun and applied a few coats of Panther Black before finishing them all off with several coats of high gloss lacquer. The result is fantastic! The metallic black really pops and dances in the sunlight, plus the wheels now match the roof and mirrors on the car too. And, on top of that, I can now use normal wheel cleaners again without dear of damaging the finish, which should make cleaning the car much easier! It may not be a huge change, but it’s one I’ve been wanting to make for a good few weeks now, and one I really chuffed with the results of too!