I might have a nice modern storage unit for my cars now, but it still pains me to see my Saph sitting there dusty and neglected on a daily basis. Over a year ago I blew the head gasket drifting on track at Ford Fair, and sadly this also resulted in the head cracking. A valiant attempt was made by MJ Racing to weld up the damage, but we just weren’t happy with the results. So instead of digging deeper and potentially running into other issues the decision was taken to abandon that head. Getting another is easier said than done though. Mainly as they are so bloody expensive now! Plus, 2WD heads are quite thin on the ground. They may be more prone to corrosion but the combustion chamber being slightly larger also in theory allows for more skims before the head is rendered useless!

On my travels around the UK a bargain popped up at a fraction of the price that they usually go for, so with zero hesitation I was on my way via a 100mile detour from my next job!

The fully stripped head may have seen a good few skims in its life, and need another, but the consensus is that it should still be up to the job. Plus, my old head had a similar thickness left on it anyway. The plan is basically to replicate the porting job on the previous head and get it all back together with a few extra details to help it survive longer that two years of abuse this time. First up is the ARP stud and nut kit for my 205 block, which is reputed to be able to take almost as much boost as a long studded conversion on a 200 block. Also, an as yet undecided quality head gasket will be used. No scrimping in that department! Plus removing the water cooling from the T38 will also be on the cards. For years I was forever seeing the water temps rocket whenever the anti-lag was used, and it was ignoring this at Ford Fair which ended up causing carnage! You don’t see competition cars using water cooling and ALS, so I’ll be taking heed from them.

In the meantime, while the Cossie has been off the road I’ve entertained myself with other cars in my fleet. All great fun and doing outrageous burnouts at Retro Rides Gathering at Shelsey Walsh was a highlight, but it really couldn’t top the buzz of the year when I had the Saph’s 460bhp to unleash at the same event previously. Fingers crossed 2019 will see the Saph return to the road and track to pick up where it left off.






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