The last time you saw the Escort, Karl had just finished prepping everything for paint. The arches were all treated to stone chip protection before being sprayed in the new colour, the underneath had all been sorted and painted, and the engine bay had also been tidied, prepped, and painted in the new shade. That meant I could drop the car off with Gaz Richardson in Durham, to get cracking with the full paintjob.

Gaz had the car for a few weeks, but the results have been worth the wait! It was a time-consuming process too, as first Gaz applied a few coats of high-build primer before rubbing everything back to ensure a perfectly smooth surface for the next stage – more primer! Before the top coat could be applied, Gaz first added a couple of coats of black primer. This gives a nice dark base to really bring out the colour of the new metallic Magnetic Grey top coat.

After a few layers of top coat were put down, a couple of coats of clear lacquer really bring it all to life! In the sunshine the colour really shines, but it’s not in-your-face or attention-grabbing like some modern colours. It’s in keeping with the car’s ‘sleeper’ ethos, but gives a modern twist to reflect the current round of updates.


Speaking of which, the wider arch flares that I had made in carbon have also been painted Magnetic Grey. We did think about leaving them in their carbon finish, but thought they might look a bit odd. I think they definitely look better body colour.


But we did leave the roof skin in its carbon finish. Gaz rubbed it all down, applied a gel coat, and then finished it all off with several coats of high-gloss lacquer. The results are amazing!

Now the car’s back we can begin the lengthy task of putting it all back together. Undoubtedly there’ll be a few tweaks and changes to make along the way – such as routing the brake/fuel lines and the wiring – but we can’t wait to get stuck in. It’s going to be a busy few weeks, but we’re all looking forward to it.



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