OK, so it’s not the most exciting update ever, but at least this month I’ve actually modified rather than repaired the Mondeo! Well, actually, I’ve kind of done both at the same time. You see, the other week on a long journey I noticed that, according to the trip computer, my fuel consumption had gone through the roof. A few miles later and this was coupled by a severe hesitation as the revs climbed beyond 4,000.


Pulling over at the side of the road to investigate didn’t show any immediate issues, but after a good poke in the engine bay around I found the culprit – the standard rubber inlet hose. More specifically the hose that joins the intake to the plenum, bypassing the throttle, was loose. The standard rubber items had become weak over time and no longer sealing correctly, allowing unmetered air to enter the engine and cause havoc.

A quick cable tie fix saw me back on the road again, but as soon as I got back I was on the phone to Roose Motorsport ordering on of their nice silicone inlet hoses. I also ordered the coolant hoses at the same time, but that looks like quite an involved job to replace all of those, so that can wait for another day.


The nice blue silicone hose, complete with shiny new clamps has sorted the problem and also added to the under bonnet appearance too. One thing to be aware of though, is in the aforementioned hose that bypasses the throttle butterfly is a small plastic restrictor – do not throw this away like I did at first! It will cause the loudest ‘moosing’ noises you’ve ever heard, and, like me, you’ll be diving into the bins frantically trying to find the small piece of plastic you casually discarded. Replace it when you swap to the silicone hoses however, and everything is hunky-dory.


Roose Motorsport




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