The much talked about engine issues surrounding the Mk3 Focus RS have rearing their ugly head all over the place over recent months, but thankfully Ford have acted promptly to sort the issues and repair all affected cars under the warranty. Yes, a few cars have suffered problems with head gasket failure, and I fully understand how alarming it can be when you’ve spent all your hard-earned on a car and you’re worried about it failing. But, credit where it’s due, Ford have announced a Field Service Action to state that all cars potentially affected would be called in to their local dealers for a thorough pressure test and full repair. And this is regardless of any modifications, the mileage, or how much of the original warranty remains.

So, I wasted no time in getting my car booked in to my local dealers, Tarnock Garage, so they could proceed with the remedial work. A full pressure test revealed that while it did lose some pressure in the coolant system, it was still within the expected levels. A quick check inside the cylinders with a bore-o-scope confirmed everything was OK, and the required repair was just a new head gasket (some cars may require a complete new cylinder head – again supplied and fitted at Ford’s expense as rectification/precaution of any potential failures).

With the parts ordered, I returned with the car a few of weeks later and left it with them for a couple of days so they could fit the new head gasket. Now it’s all back together again, all I need to do is keep a close eye on the coolant and oil levels over the next few weeks to ensure it’s all as it should be.

Now, please, with the engine issues resolved, can everyone just get on with enjoying the Mk3 Focus RS for it is – a fantastic fast Ford.

I will be. And my shopping list has grown considerably over the last few weeks, now comprising a Mishimoto induction kit, a sports cat and free-flowing downpipe, a Stage 2 software upgrade, Powerflex bushes, and maybe even a Quaife ATB too. Crikey, best I get started then…



Tarnock Garage

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