Wow, it’s all been a bit flat-out this month. After fitting the gearbox and bits last time, this month it was a case of finish off the engine install and start assembling all the interior pieces too. Eagle-eyed readers may have spotted a photo from last issue that showed the YB with a turbo and inlet bolted-up, well that was the starting point for the new round of updates. We’re building the engine to a very similar spec to that in Mark’s green EsCos track car, so features goodies like a Borg Warner 7670 turbo, Nortech manifold, Tial 44mm wastegate Hart inlet, ported head (lifted from ‘ELE’ – Mark’s three-door Cossie as he’s chasing even more power!), and custom cams. They’ve all been added to the FoCos now, along with an Airtec 100mm core intercooler and a custom exhaust. In fact, the only thing left needed to make it run is the ECU and wiring; the Autronic SM2 is sat here waiting to go in and the freshly made loom will be ready in the next couple of days.

In the meantime, though, I decided to get cracking with the interior. There’s not much inside actually, so once Mark and I got stuck in it all came together quite quickly. First up was the fuel tank – a foam-filled motorsport-spec unit from Jaz Products. That lives in the rear boot area, but before we could run the fuel lines we needed to fit the Corbeau bucket seats (complemented by pink harnesses, of course!) to see the best route. Then, with those all fitted and plumbed in it was just a case of refitting the dash, which has now been flocked, and wiring things up.

But you know what we’re like, and with deadlines and show dates looing there wasn’t any time to stand around and admire our handiwork. Instead we jumped straight on to the finishing exterior touches. Carbon-dipped accents tone-down the ‘in-your-face’ pink, but it’s still definitely noticeable!

As was proved when we took the car to RS Combe. As part of the team that organises the event, between Mark and myself we had six cars at the show, including both the FoCos and Mark’s EsCos on the Fast Ford stand. Where, I’m pleased to say the Focus got more attention than Marks Escort! Although, that may have had something to do with the fact the EsCos was on track most of the day. Sadly the Focus wasn’t running, but that’s soon to change and we’ll both be on track at Ford Fair!




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