Hi! I’m Hannah, and some of the more regular readers may remember seeing me in the Spring 2019 with my little collection of fast Fords. I’ve been a fan of the mag for years, and have popped up in various show reports throughout the years, and I’m sure some of you will have bumped into me at shows and events in the past. Usually, you’d find me with my beloved Mk1 Focus RS – Rozie – but, as eagle-eyed readers would have spotted in my most recent feature, I’ve just started a new project build too…

It’s another Focus, another Mk1, another RS… but not as you’d know it. You see, this one will be powered by a tuned Cossie YB and have 4WD too!

I’ve always wanted a Cosworth-powered track car, and when this Focus shell came up for sale it was the perfect opportunity. The car started life as genuine RS, but had already been extensively modified to accept the Cossie engine and running gear. On top of that, it also wore an M-Sport WRC kit, so already has the flared arches with wider front and rear wings to allow for a wider track – ideal for the Cossie 4×4 footprint, then? Inside, a comprehensive roll cage meant it was only ever destined to be a track car. Seems perfect.

So, I quickly struck a deal and the Focus was soon winging its way back to me so I could get cracking with the project. Upon closer inspection, the extensive modifications to convert the traditionally FWD Focus to accept the Cossie engine and drivetrain appear to have been done well – I’m sure there’s a few things my partner in crime and chief spanner-monkey for thios project, Mark Hudd, will want to address to get up to his high standards, but generally it all looks to be in great condition.

So much so, that we were able to press ahead and get the shell ready for paint almost immediately. This meant removing all the previous stickers and graphics package, and dropping the shell off at the bodyshop straight away. They were then able to rub everything down, including the interior and all the fiddly bits around the roll cage before finally applying the finished top coats. The inside is staying simple and will be resprayed in a bright white, to provide a nice, clean, and natural base to build upon. The outside? Well that won’t be quite so traditional! I’m not saying what the final colour will be, but it’s going to be eye-catching that’s for sure.

The car will be back from the bodyshop in time for my next update, so you’ll have to wait until next issue to see what colour I’ve decided on…




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