Last month I showed you the car in its new colour for the first time. What do you think – bright, eh? You may also recall me mentioning that the build was progressing faster than we can keep you updated in the mag, so over the next couple of issues we might be a little out of sync, that’s just the nature of the beast unfortunately.

But don’t panic, as this month I’m able to report on a huge milestone in the Fo-Cos project – the ‘Cos bit… yep, the YB engine that will be powering me around tracks all over the UK very soon! My partner in crime, and fellow Cossie-mad Ford fan, Mark Hudd has been helping with the build, and he wasted no time in getting the parts together for a formidable engine build. We’re talking a 200 block that has been long-studded, forged con-rods, pocketed Mahle forged pistons, ported head, custom cams, Nortech exhaust manifold, Borg Warner 76/70 turbo, Tial 44mm wastegate, Hart inlet, 1000cc injectors, and an Autronic ECU top control it all… among other things, of course.

With the block from the machine shop, and a bench stacked high with performance parts, Mark set to work on assembling the YB. We’re hoping for between 550-600bhp, but we also want a wide spread of torque suited to track use too.

Those of you who know Mark will also know that he doesn’t like to drag his heels with projects, so it’ll come as no surprise to learn that the fully-assembled engine was promptly ready to be dropped into its new home. Before then, though, we had to re-instate the Cossie crossmember – which has been fully cleaned-up and kitted out with uprated engine mounts too. With that in place – and the front suspension, hubs, 330mm AP Racing brakes, and steering rack – we could lower the fresh YB in place.

Now that it’s all in the bay I can start to look at sourcing all the ancillary parts to make it run; stuff like exhaust system, inlet, intercooler, breathers and so on. I’ve also given the ‘box a once over to make sure that’s good to go, and there’ll be Quiafe diffs front a rear. Before the rear can go in though I’ll be fitting a six-degree rear beam for better suspension geometry. So much still to do, but it’s all st6arting to take shape rather nicely…



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