This month I decided to treat the car – and myself! – to a ‘proper’ performance modification in the shape of a remap. There are few offerings available for the ST220 but thankfully one of the biggest names in the business, Superchips, do cater for the big V6 Mondeo. And it’s available on the famed Bluefin platform, meaning I could install it from the comfort of my own driveway!


When it comes to remaps people get hung up on outright power figures – fine on a race car where nothing else matters, but for a road car that you depend upon on a daily basis other considerations come in to play. Factors such as drivability and reliability become almost as important, if not more so, than outright power, which is why I chose Superchips.

Remapping N/A cars never yields the same ‘wow’ numbers as with turbo’d cars (Superchips claim a 12bhp and 14Nm gain for the ST220), but that really only tells half the story. The stock map is riddled with torque limiters, and by diluting and altering (not simply removing! They are there for a reason!) them a revised map can make massive improvements to the driving experience. And that’s exactly the case with the Bluefin!

Lower down the rev range, especially in lower gears, the car seems to have more urgency. It’s not totally changed the way the car drives, and the power delivery is still linear and smooth, but it just seems a little more awake and keener to get up and go. The most notable difference though is at the top of the rev range, where it’s eager to pull right the way round to the redline! Previously you could feel the power tail off towards the higher revs but now it just keeps pulling! Thanks to the K&N induction kit and custom exhaust it makes one heck of a noise now too!


I’ve driven the car a fair few miles since I installed the Bluefin and it all seems to be good so far – I can certainly see the rewards but have yet to spot any drawbacks. I have a few cross-country trips coming up this month, so that will provide better grounds for a thorough test, I’ll report back next month.

This month the Mondeo was also used as a suitable candidate for our ‘prepare for show season’ feature. After a long winter of hard use the car was absolutely filthy inside and out, and offered the perfect opportunity to show how to get your own fast Fords ready for a summer of action (it also meant I could get the oily mess created by the previously leaky sump gasket cleaned up!). So we teamed up with Permashine and Trafalgar Direct to give the ST a thorough detailing session, but for full details of what was done you’ll have to turn to page 76… All I will say is the results are amazing!



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