Wow. This month has been a bit hectic! Not only have I been all over the country attending shows and events, but I’ve also been busy with making upgrades to the RS too. First up was a new intake kit from Mishimoto. After fitting one of the American tuner’s intercoolers a few weeks ago and getting to see the sheer quality of their work first hand, I found myself frequently popping back on to their website to see what other goodies the Focus might benefit from.

As you might expect, several parts caught my eye and my shopping list soon began to grow, but the upgrade that interested me most was their performance intake. Previously I had the high-flow cast cross-over piper and performance air filter that form part of mountune’s fabulous M380 tuning kit fitted, but as I’ll be looking to increase the power even further later this year, I decided a replacement of the entire intake system would yield maximum results. The Mishimoto intake kit is just that; it comprises a new airbox designed for maximum air flow, as well as huge high-flow air filter and free-flowing aluminium pipework too. It might not be the cheapest kit on the market at £372, but the quality is first-rate, the fitment is spot-on (installation takes less than an hour), and it gives genuine performance gains – Mishimoto have proven the kit to gain 12whp and 15wtq on a standard car, so it’ll be ideal for the next level of tune I’m planning on soon. Plus, it’s all covered by Mishimoto’s Lifetime Warranty, so you can be assured its quality.

While on the Mishimoto website I also stumbled across their alloy header tank for the RS too. Since having the head gasket remedial work carried out a few weeks ago I did notice there was a small amount of black gunk floating around in the header tank – this is perfectly normal and won’t affect performance (it’s where oil and water have mixed as a result of the head being removed) but it does look unsightly. I thought about removing the stock plastic header tank to clean it all out, but then if I was going to all that trouble I might as well replace it with something nicer and better performing. The Mishimoto alloy header tank is finished in the same wrinkle black as I opted for on the intake (Nitrous Blue owners should check out the wrinkle blue though, it’s awesome!), looks good, and won’t fade or discolour over time like the OE part will.

You might think that would be it for this month, but no. While I was at SCC Performance a couple of weeks back having the new Powerflex front wishbone bushes (which transforms the way the car turns-in to tight bends, and really improves traction on hard launches by the way!) I also opted to have some of their rear diff bush inserts fitted at the same time. These are a doddle to fit, and simply push into the void in the OE rubber bush to stiffen things up nicely. At day-to-day speeds you don’t even notice they’ve been fitted to be honest (some people will say the car feels firmer, but in reality, it makes little difference to the ride quality), but because movement of the OE bush has been restricted I can now launch the car full of confidence the Rear Drive Unit isn’t going to rip itself free from its mounting points!

And after reading the feature all about Quaife ATBs over on page 80, I think I’ve convinced myself that’s the next upgrade, so don’t be surprised to see me and the RS at mountune again soon having the diff upgraded too…




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