I’m pleased to say that the work on the floor is finally finished! Well, at least all the cutting, grinding, and welding is! Yep, all the rust repairs are complete, and the Escort is rock solid once more. And that has allowed us to make one significant alteration to the car this time too – we’ve decided to mount the fuel tank as low as possible. To do this we’ve cut a hole in the boot floor and braced it accordingly to allow us to to drop the tank in from above. This should drop the tank nice and low, which will help improve the centre of gravity, and as the lower half of the tank is effectively outside the car, it should help keep the fuel cooler too.

While working on the floor, we’ve also taken the opportunity to improve any safety aspects that we can too – something that has been highlighted after the crash. And one area we looked to improve were the seat runners, which previously just saw the bucket seats mounted to the OE runners! Now we’ve copied the design used in most race and rally cars to give a mush stronger base to mount the seats too! Some strong aluminum angle sections with various holes machined into it allow us to mount the seat in the perfect position.

Finally, we were able to turn our attention to another little job that was somewhat rushed last time we built the car – the handbrake mount. It may sound unnecessary, but the ‘that-will-do’ mount that we previously had in the car was never going to survive this rebuild! Why would we go to all this effort, and then leave something we weren’t 100% happy with? We wouldn’t! That’s why K was called upon to fabricate some nice new mounting points for the hydraulic handbrake to fix to. He’s done a cracking job too, and even managed to punch several holes in the mount to help save weight too!

Next up we’ll be looking at getting the dash modified and flocked, and we also want to add some form of power steering this time too. But the good news is we’re starting to bolt bits back on! We’re over that crest, and the rebuild should really start gathering once over the next few weeks and months – fingers crossed anyway!






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