Last month the car went back to Mark Shead at M.A. Developments for its final mapping session and rolling road tune-up. I was really happy with the results – 577bhp is none-too-shabby for old YB, but it was the massive 558lb.ft that impressed me the most. This is what will make this car feel rapid on the track, and having all that grunt hooked up to the Escort’s four-wheel-drive system means it should really pull out of the corners well. I can’t wait to try it on track.

I was hoping that time would come at the recent RS Combe, but as one of the organisers for the event I always find myself rushing around far too much to find time to actually get out on the track. Instead, the freshly-finished Escort was unveiled to the crowds on the Fast Ford stand. Judging by the reactions it got from on-lookers, I think we can say it was well received. Every time I popped back to the stand it seemed to have people – including several fellow Fast Ford readers who have been following the car’s progress in the mag –  looking over the car and giving it the nod of approval.

I have to say I’m pleased with how the finished product looks, but this isn’t a show car and I can’t wait to see what it’s really capable of out on the track. At the time of writing, it’s a copuple of weeks before Ford Fair, and I was hoping to get back to Castle Combe for a quick trackday so I could shake the car down before we take it to Silverstone, but I’ve been so busy with work recently that I simply haven’t found the time. Oh well, looks like the first time it’ll get used on track will be in the Fastest Fords sessions at Ford Fair the, alongside some of the very fiercest and fastest Fords in the country – talk about getting chucked in at the deep end! I’m confident the EsCos will do me proud though.

All that remains to do now is a quick spanner check and a wipe over before we head to the show. Oh, and also a quick polish before the Fast Ford cameras are turned on the car ahead of its full mag feature too.

You haven’t seen the last of this bright green Cossie yet!