Dan’s Sierra Cosworth

  • Showing its age

    Showing its age

    27th October 2016

    So close to be road ready, the Cossie throws up another surprise…

  • Shocked!


    27th October 2016

    Dan is impressed by the refurb job on the Sierra’s coilovers and how quickly his new breaik lines arrived…!

  • Steer Clear

    Steer Clear

    27th October 2016

    Dan sort’s the Sierras steering issues with some new bushes, but else will he find when he fits them…?

  • Beat about the bush!

    Beat about the bush!

    27th October 2016

    Dan sorts the Sierra’s wobbly handling with some new Powerflex upgrades…

  • Straightliner


    27th October 2016

    Dan just wants his Cossie to go in a straight line...

  • Choices, choices…

    Choices, choices…

    27th October 2016

    Dan thoroughly assess his new purchase and decides on a plan, sort of…

  • New Addition!

    New Addition!

    27th October 2016

    Regular contributor Dan Williamson joins the Fast Fleet with his new toy…!