First, a quick apology. It’s many months since I’ve managed a Fast Fleet update for the pages of Fast Ford, and it seems a whole summer flew by without any improvements on either my Sierra or ST250. Anyone would think I’d lost interest in Blue Ovals.

Not a bit of it.

In fact, not only has (very slow) progress been made to both cars, I accidentally found myself becoming sidetracked by an altogether different Focus ST: despite buying an ST170 to rip out its guts and drop them into one of my Mk1 Escorts, I discovered it was too good to break. A Magnum Grey three-door with Comfort Pack, ESP and rear spoiler, its sills are made of metal (not filler), and it’s only beginning to bubble on the back arches. The ST170 has been added to my collection…

Thankfully, work has now resumed on my three-door Cosworth, with my mate Richard finally getting the front end back into a respectable shade of Diamond White. The first batch of paint just wasn’t right, so – frustrating as it was – the whole lot had to be flatted back and sprayed again. Next week it’s the turn of the engine bay. I’m determined to get the Cossie back on the road in 2020, get it out to some shows and events (which I missed many of in 2019 due to not wanting to put the daily dog wagon Focus ST on display), and just enjoy driving it again.