Learning the alphabet. Counting to ten. Fitting wheel spacers to a Ford Focus. Surely some of the simplest, most essential things you can do.

Now, although I’m rarely flummoxed by the first two, I was until today completely unaware of how easy it was to make my Fondeo look so much better. Since lowering it last month on H&R springs, the standard 18in ST alloys were looking lost under the wheelarches. But after a quick chat with Euro Car Parts and ten minutes’ work, it’s now sporting the – dare I say it? – perfect stance.


Euro Car Parts recommended H&R hubcentric spacers of 20mm each corner, which widen the track by 40mm all-round. They’re very lightweight, German-made from anodised alloy, and come from one of the most trustworthy brands in the business. Best of all, they’re from H&R’s DRM range, which mean they bolt to the hub on the car’s original wheel studs, and have new studs integral to the design. So none of that aggro of replacing the original studs, none of the worry about insufficient thread lengths, and none of the vagueness of universal spacers.

To top it all, I was concerned about an aesthetic upgrade having a detrimental effect on drivability, but I’m convinced the Fondeo now feels even more planted when driven hard.

It’s fair to say these H&R spacers are possibly the easiest modification anyone can make to a Focus but they’re also incredibly effective. They’re simple to buy and simple to fit. They’re simply great.




Euro Car Parts

020 3820 5191