Ever since I had the Focus remapped to Stage 1 I’ve been tempted to upgrade to Stage 2 spec. But that meant looking for suitable hardware upgrades for the intercooler and replacing the restrictive OE cat with a sports version, and I’ve been far too busy actually using the thing to worry about stuff like that.

Until I saw Direnza’s new MVT performance intercooler upgrade in the New Products pages a few issues ago, that was.

Now, from looking at the pics you might think it’s barely any bigger than the stock ST250 ‘cooler, and you’d be right. But the Direnza features the firm’s Multi Vane Technology, which is said to enhance efficiency by using special vanes to distribute charge air across the entire core, therefore offering much better efficiency without having to be much larger.

The MVT also boasts high-flow cast end tanks, remarkably fine build quality, and a very competitive price of £399.99.

Direnza’s tests on an otherwise-standard ST250 showed dyno gains of 14.2bhp and 25.8lb.ft torque, which is astonishing. So on a remapped car the gains should be equally as impressive. And, as for laying the groundwork for a future leap up to Stage 2 state of tune, it sounds ideal. We’ll be testing the figures on a rolling road before and after fitting a sports cat and the Stage 2 map. Watch this space…(But don’t hold your breath.)




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