It’s been a busy few weeks for us, and the season hasn’t even started yet! For starters, we recently had both Team Shredded Wheat cars on display at the Autosport International show at the NEC in January (see page 24 for the full report), with Tom Chilton’s car on the Kwik-Fit BTCC stand and newcomer, Ollie Jackson’s car on Corbeau’s stand nearby.

Both cars may have looked ready for action in their 2019 season livery, but if we’re honest neither car was anywhere near race-ready.

And since the show, that’s what we have been busy working on. First up, we called on the expertise and help from our sponsors (and good friends) over at Pro Alloy. We’re always looking at ways to make improvements, no matter how small, as when it comes to racing it’s often the smaller details that amount to make a big difference on race day. The guys at Pro Alloy understand this, embrace it, and have been working all throughout the winter break to help design updates and make improvements to all areas of the RS’s cooling systems. In particular 2019 sees a redesigned radiator, along with a few other tweaks, which we hope will improve performance throughout the season.

Another area of the car’s preparations that we’ve been looking at for 2019 is the exhaust system, and we’re pleased welcome Cobra Sport on board for the new season as a new technical partner. The guys at Cobra are currently busy working away on the new design, and we hope to bring you full details in the next issue.

Also, by the time the next issue hits the shelves we’d have started embarking on our comprehensive pre-season testing schedule. This is sure to involve getting out to some tracks in Europe for some warm(er) weather testing – as our local tracks are all covered in ice at the time of writing!

With the BTCC grid looking set to be as competitive as ever, those wins get harder and harder to achieve, so we keep pushing forward and searching out any opportunities to give us an edge over the competition. Let’s hope 2019 is our year.