With the freshly painted shell now back safe and sound at the workshop I’ve been able to make a start on reassembly. I started at the rear of the car with a plan of making my forward. After having everything in bits for so long I was keen to start making the Escort look like a car again, and simple things like the rear window, rear lights, and even the numberplate, all really help to show that things are progressing.

But, as is always the way with a build like this, it wasn’t long before a small bump in the road slowed progress almost to a halt. You see, I want to make sure the new carbon fibre wide arch extensions don’t rub on the freshly painted bodywork, so I need to find some sort of rubber strip to fit between the arches and the body. This rubber strip will also help take up any discrepancies between the shape of the arches and where they meet the body, and will hopefully give a nice, neat, and uniform finish. The only problem is I still haven’t found a rubber that will do the job. Everything I’ve tried so far is either too thick, not shaped right, or just looks a bit naff. I will get there with it, but it’s going to take a bit more head scratching first. I mean, there’s no point in ruining things after all this hard work, especially not for a few quid’s worth of rubber seal!

Speaking of seals, I know it’s not a massive job but I have managed to get all door/boot seals in place, as well as all the door/boot locks and handles. But then I got side-tracked again – this time with the mirrors. Everyone knows I like a bit of carbon fibre, and I’m not talking about cheap wraps or fake carbon-effect dips, I’m a fan of the real stuff!


So, when a lad I know, Andy ­– who owns Carbon Fibre It – said he could cover a pair of Englemann door mirrors I had (that used to be on the car back in the day) in genuine carbon fibre, I jumped at the chance! The results are amazing and will complement the roof and new Magnetic Grey paintwork perfectly.

Next up is to continue reassembly onto the interior pieces, followed shortly after by re-fitting the engine and gearbox. Unless I come back from the ’States with a V8-shaped piece of hand luggage that is…



Carbon Fibre It




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