Ade’s Sapphire Cosworth

  • Turbo Trouble

    Turbo Trouble

    5th November 2016

    After a great day bombing around the new Driftland track I parked the Cossie up and went on holiday for a fortnight. The plan was that when I got back it would still be all good after this shakedown for…

  • Keepin’ Cool!

    Keepin’ Cool!

    5th November 2016

    Last month saw me take the Cossie down to the Classic Ford sow at Santa Pod, and it was a textbook journey thankfully! Although when I was back home a knocking from a top mount spurred me on to continue…

  • Back Together Again

    Back Together Again

    5th November 2016

    Last month I was left feeling like a right plonker after putting the Cossie sideways into a very unmovable object, then having to limp over to RM Bodywork in my hometown of East Kilbride. Main man Robert MacDonald got to…

  • Crash, Bang, Wallop!

    Crash, Bang, Wallop!

    5th November 2016

    After being laid up for a few months to try and avoid the hell that is a Scottish winter, the Cossie’s re-awakening was going pretty well. A quick jumpstart to revive the battery from its hibernation got the familiar rumble…

  • Winter Blues…

    Winter Blues…

    5th November 2016

    Regular readers hopefully will have enjoyed my recent intro on the Cossie. The tales of roadtrips, tracktime, drifting, modifications etc etc. Well I’m sorry to say that momentum hasn’t carried on recently! This winter I’ve for once completely against my…



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